IB Educator Certificate(IBEC) in International Education

International Baccalaureate Educator Certificate(IBEC) program at Handong is a flexible program for newly qualified teachers or experienced teachers new to IB education. The program focuses on teaching and learning in the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) or the Diploma Programme(DP). Candidates in the program will gain a deep understanding of the core principles and practices that drive IB programmes and will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to enhance one's teaching in the PYP and DP. 

Furthermore, candidates will have opportunities to learn best classroom practices that are research-based from experienced IB educators, as they reflect upon and critique their own practice, listen and share the experiences of others and take part in an autonomous and collaborative learning that suits different learning styles.

The program aims to develop future IB educators who are not only internationally minded, but are reflective in their practice and possess a deep understanding of how students learn and how educators can effectively support their learning. Our program is a blended program with the flexibility for in-service teachers who can take courses online wherever they may be located. Additionally, students meet in person for a 4-day immersive, on-campus experience during the winter and summer breaks, where they will have time to collaborate and work on various hands-on projects related to teaching and learning in the PYP and DP.

If you want to learn more about IBEC program recognized by IBO, please click here. 

Eligibility for Graduate Certificate in International Education (IBEC)

The IB Educator Certificate program adopts an evidence-based approach where candidates have met each of the intended learning outcomes that have been specified for each certificate. A successful completion of IB-recognized programs of study offered by universities and colleges indicates that participants have met the requirements of an IB Educator Certificate.

In order to be eligible to register for the IB Educator Certificate, those completing an IB-recognized program of study must also:


  • Hold Bachelor’s degree from a university.
  • Hold a teaching certificate/license from a national or global agency.