IB Educator Certificate(IBEC) Graduate Certificate in International Education

The IB Educator Certificate program with a focus on teaching and learning in the DP is designed for candidates who are newly qualified or experienced teachers new to the IB programs, with a desire to gain a deeper understanding of the different IB programs and how these are implemented in schools. By focusing on the knowledge and understanding of IB practice, this program will enable candidates to investigate the IBDP program with respect to the following areas of inquiry in Curriculum processes (design principles and structures), Teaching and learning, Assessment and learning, and Professional learning. The principles are embodied in four areas of inquiry that provide the focus for candidates to undertake investigation in contemporary issues in IB Education, linking theory to practice in the IB context, building capacity for practitioner inquiry and researching practice.

IB recognized programs of study that focus on teaching and learning in the DP is designed to allow teachers to develop their role as IBDP practitioners. The program is based on both academic and experiential learning and the knowledge, skills and attitudes developed is directly relevant to professional IB practice.


This program provides coherent, practical opportunities that enable candidates to reflect critically on their practice as educators and exemplify professional learning and development as well. The program also encourages candidates to evaluate their practice with reference to the implementation of a specific IB program. Observations of teaching by experienced IB educators, school-based studies, mentoring arrangements, visiting speakers, the use of IB classroom videos, and participation in local IB sub-regional group meetings and round-tables are some examples of how authenticity will be introduced.

Eligibility for Graduate Certificate in International Education (IBEC)

The IB Educator Certificate program adopts an evidence-based approach where candidates have met each of the intended learning outcomes that have been specified for each certificate. A successful completion of IB-recognized programs of study offered by universities and colleges indicates that participants have met the requirements of an IB Educator Certificate.

In order to be eligible to register for the IB Educator Certificate, those completing an IB-recognized program of study must also:


  • Hold Bachelor’s degree from a university.
  • Hold a teaching certificate/license from a national or global agency.


ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                         

  • Teaching certificate or license
    The IB does acknowledge that some experienced teachers may not hold a current teaching qualification. In such cases the IB may waive this requirement if the teachers have a minimum of 2 years full-time professional teaching experience in a government-approved/registered school in the subject or age domain in which they intend to register for the certificate. This experience can be within an independent or private school providing the school is registered by the relevant national education authority.

REQUIRED COURSES for IBCTL: Total 12 credits

  • Assessment for Learning in the DP (3)
  • Building Professional Learning Communities (3)                             
  • Curriculum Design & Delivery (3) 
  • Teaching & Learning in the DP (3)                                                           


  • Spring Semester
    • Online-synchronous: March ~ June, Every Friday & Saturday
    • Face-to-Face: Last week of July, First week of August (Total 4 days)
  • Fall Semester
    • Online-synchronous: September ~ December, Every Friday & Saturday
    • Face-to-Face: First two weekends of January (Total 4 days)




  • Choice of English or Korean



  • 2 semesters (12 months) for CERTIFICATE PROGRAM


HGU’s IB Educator Certificate program has been fully recognized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). Upon completion of ALL four courses that comprise the IBEC program, students will submit a request for the official IBEC to IBO. In order to receive the IBEC from the IB Organization, students will need to submit a form (IB certificate in teaching and learning registration) to the IB organization via the email address in the form. Fees for the certificate which are paid directly to IBO are separate from any fees to Handong Global University for the program.


HOW TO APPLY                                               

  • https://www.ibechandong.com   
  • 054-260-1205