IB Educator Certificate Program-Teaching Faculty

Eun Sill Rhee  (Ed.D Harvard University)

Professor Rhee is the Chair and teaching faculty member of Handong Graduate School of Education (HGSE) and the undergraduate Teacher Education Program (T.E.P). Additionally, she is currently serving as the Director of Handong Institute of Scholarship and Education and will be team teaching the course on ‘Building Professional Learning Communities’ with Jenny Kim.

Jenny Kim  (Ed.D University of Southern California)

Professor Kim is a teaching faculty member of HGSE and the undergraduate TEP program. She has been an IB educator since 2007 and is currently the Director of the IBEC program at Handong. She is also an IBDP Visual Arts English Process portfolio examiner, DP course outline reader, consultant, and School Visit Authorization Team leader. She will be teaching the course on Approaches to Teaching & Learning in the DP and Developing Professional Learning Communities.

Barbara Wrightson  (Ed. D Capella University)

Dr. Wrightson has been working in international schools since 1999 and started her IB career in 2001. She has lived and worked in the United States, Slovakia, Brazil, China, and South Korea. She holds a Master’s degree in English Education, a Post-Master’s in Educational Leadership, and a Doctorate in Education Leadership and Management. Throughout her career in IB education, Dr. Wrightson performed a myriad of roles for the IB: workshop leader, school visitor, consultant, examiner, curriculum reviewer; etc. Additionally, as a seasoned international school IB educator she has held the positions of MYP teacher, MYP coordinator, DP teacher, DP Coordinator, CP Coordinator and PK-12 IB administrator. She has worked as a school administrator at two IB World Schools in South Korea: Taejon Christian International School and Chadwick International. She will be team teaching the course on Curriculum Design & Delivery and IB Assessment for learning in the DP with Jason.