IB Educator Certificate FAQ

Current IBEC candidates & graduates

Prospective IBEC students

What are the benefits of gaining an IB certificate in teaching and learning or an IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research? 

As an IB educator certificate holder, you receive the following benefits:

A valued credential : the IB certificate in teaching and learning and the IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research confirm to prospective employers in the international education community that you have a deep understanding of IB programmes.

A competitive advantage : you are more desirable to prospective employers because hiring teachers with this credential saves them thousands of dollars on mandatory introductory IB training of new staff. Holding an IB certificate in teaching and learning waives the requirement of attendance at a category 1 workshop.

Access to the rich resources of the IB community : for two additional years after registering for your certificate, you will have access to the programme resource centre and the programme communities, the online spaces that keep you connected to IB resources and IB practitioners worldwide.

A two-year subscription to IB World : the IB’s official magazine will keep you informed of news and stories happening within the ever‐widening IB community.

Opportunities for collaboration : connect with IB educators in the online communities, at regional conferences and other events.

What specific benefits does the IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research provide? 

The IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research will:

     o  improve the quality of your classroom teaching

     o  allow you to contribute to the body of knowledge so others can benefit from your wisdom

     o  expand your career path into leadership roles

     o  increase your competitive advantage in the education job sector

     o  demonstrate your commitment to continuous self-improvement and lifelong learning

     o  increase your access to teaching jobs worldwide

     o  demonstrate your deep understanding of and engagement in student learning.

How do I know which educator certificate is right for me?

The IB certificate in teaching and learning is perfect for anyone, including:

     o  pre‐service student teachers

     o  new teachers

     o  experienced IB educators.


Students who work toward this certificate demonstrate an understanding of the principles and practices associated with implementing one of the IB programmes (PYP, MYP, DP or CP). The certificate is designed to build reflective practitioners and teacher researchers.

If you want to teach in an IB World School, improve your practice in an IB World School, develop an understanding of teaching and learning in an IB context and increase your access to teaching jobs worldwide, then the IB certificate in teaching and learning is a great choice for your professional development.


The IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research is for educators who:

      o  are experienced teachers

      o  are committed to research in a specific area of IB education

      o  may already have an IB certificate in teaching and learning.


The IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research acknowledges the achievements of IB educators who undertake in‐depth research to explore the relevant research and their own IB practice in the areas of curriculum development, pedagogy and assessment. If you have been teaching in the IB for several years and/or have already received the IB certificate in teaching and learning, then the IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research is best suited for you.


Are the IB educator certificates programme‐specific? 

The IB certificate in teaching and learning is programme‐specific. The institutions that are recognized to offer programs of study eligible for this certificate encourage you to focus your studies on one of the IB’s four programmes (Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, Diploma Programme, Career-related Programme). Participants investigate one IB programme with respect to the following areas of inquiry:

     o  curriculum processes

     o  teaching and learning

     o  assessment and learning

     o  professional learning.


The IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research is not programme‐specific. This certificate reflects a deeper level of understanding of all aspects of an IB education. Participants identify areas of interest within their own IB practice and focus on the following areas of inquiry:

     o  contemporary issues in IB education

     o  linking theory to practice in the IB context

     o  building capacity for practitioner inquiry

     o  researching practice.


Why is it necessary to have teaching experience to be eligible for the IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research?

IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research is aimed at experienced educators who have gained a deep understanding of an IB programme through teaching the programme. A large component of the IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research is a participant’s ability to reflect on his or her own IB teaching experience. Candidates are eligible for an IB certificate in teaching and learning research with three years of IB teaching experience within one IB programme.



What are the IB certificates in leadership?

Along with the degree that you receive from a recognized university, these certificates formally acknowledge an understanding of the principles and practices of leadership associated with becoming an authorized IB World School and implementing the four IB programmes. The IB certificates in leadership are achieved through undertaking specific IB‐recognized leadership programs. These programs allow you to build on and reflect on the leadership capabilities that are involved in authorization and evaluation at an IB World School.


What is the difference between the two IB certificates in leadership?

The IB certificate in leadership practice is for those who want to develop their capacity to take on leadership responsibilities in IB contexts. It recognizes the applied understanding of the role that leadership plays in taking a school through authorization, and addresses issues related to the implementation of one or more IB programmes.


The IB advanced certificate in leadership research develops students’ profound understanding of leadership responsibilities and capabilities through investigative work in IB leadership contexts and deep reflection on their own leadership practice.


Is an IB educator certificate equivalent to any IB professional development workshop training?

IB World Schools that have IB educator certificate holders on staff do not need to send those teachers to a category one workshop. They received that training and those qualifications through the IB- recognized program that they completed at their institution.


What are the steps to obtain an IB educator or leadership certificate?

     1.   Enroll in a program of study at one of our IB-recognized universities.

     2.   Create a My IB account to access IB resources and sites

     3.   Upon completion of your program of study, register for your certificate online with a link provided by pd.pathways@ibo.org.


How do I notify the IB that I’m enrolled in one of the recognized programs of study and wish to pursue an IB educator certificate?

When you begin a recognized program of study, your university will notify the IB, as well as provide instructions for you to create your My IB account. The IB will verify the account and grant access to the programme resource centre and programme communities.


How long does it take to complete an IB-recognized program of study?

The length of time varies depending on your institution’s course requirements. To learn specific details about each program, please visit the 2021 University Directory.



If I complete a recognized program of study, will the IB automatically send me one of the IB certificates?

No, in order to receive one of the IB educator certificates you must register for the certificate. The IB will send instructions to pay the registration fee of US$265 after receiving confirmation from your institution that you completed the program of study.


If I am eligible for two certificates, how do I register for both?

Most candidates are not eligible for two certificates. In most cases, to obtain two certificates at your institution you will need to complete a second, more advanced program. Contact your university to verify that you are eligible for both, and then reach out to pd.pathways@ibo.org for additional instructions.


How do the IB certificate programs differ from IB Professional Development workshops?

They are quite different. IB category 1 workshops are delivered face to face over the course of 2.5 days or online over 4 weeks and they are highly effective for engaging IB educators and administrators with what it means to teach and learn in an IB context. However, IBEC university programs of study offer a much deeper dive and sustained learning about IB mission, vision, pedagogy and so on over the length of a Master’s, Bachelors’ or post grad certificate, with embedded practicums and important opportunities for action research and engagement with IB programmes.